OSRAM was the official lighting partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

OSRAM illuminated Stockholm

For the second time since 2015 OSRAM was the official light partner of the Eurovision Song Sontest. OSRAM contributed in two ways to the success of this world's largest TV entertainment event. On one hand OSRAM and its subsidiary Clay Paky provided the products for spectacular light shows.

At the same time OSRAM allowed fans all over the world to vote for their own light voting during the show. Therefore Stockholm’s landmarks were illuminated with special light technology. This lightshow was controlled by the fans and the LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App. With the free app they could rate each song during the performances. The light showed how much they liked the song!

#ColourYourEmotion LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App


With light, with colour, and with the LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App

With our lightvoting app the fans were part of the big show

They not only experienced the event, they were part of the event

With our free app they were part of a global jury and could vote on every song! They controlled an unique light installation in Stockholm by showing which act they loved and which they didn't. #ColourYourEmotion

The LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App
Stockholm view lightvoting

Lightvoting in Stockholm

The greatest
lightvoting in the world

Lightvoting in Stockholm!

The world could watch Stockholm as it was flooded with coloured light

Fans from all over the world lit up the landmarks of Stockholm with a unique lightshow. They controlled the colour in which Stockholm was lit by voting. Spectacular!

The lightvoting from Stockholm!

A sense of community with thousands of fans