LIGHTIFY your Eurovision party

LIGHTIFY your Eurovision party

Smart connected light – easily controlled via smartphone or tablet

Are you looking for information about the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv?

LIGHTIFY your party - partify your light!

Private Eurovision partys are fun. Casual atmosphere, drinks and nice food, fantastic show acts on TV, a bit of singing along and a little carnival atmosphere. Even people that prefer rock and roll enjoy the magic of the Eurovision. You can top all this with perfect light. Impress your guests with LIGHTIFY - easy to use with smartphone, tablet or LIGHTIFY Switch. And now you can easily connect your LIGHTIFY system at home to the LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App! Learn how!

Create a great atmosphere for your Eurovision party with smart LIGHTIFY lamps and lights. Adapt your home and garden to meet your needs. The intelligent and intuitive app offers easy configuration. Thanks to future-proof technology, these products get better with each update. And now you can easily connect your LIGHTIFY system at home to the LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App! Learn how!

Smart and connected lighting, colours, dimming - all plug & play

LIGHTIFY products do not need wired dimmers. Get to know the LIGHTIFY switch, which offers so much more and can be fitted anywhere. No wires, no tools, just plug & play.

You can do so much more with LIGHTIFY

LIGHTIFY Dynamic Scenes

See how dynamic, changing lighting scenes transform your home. LIGHTIFY Dynamic Scenes adds more dynamic presets to LIGHTIFY Loop.


LIGHTIFY Vacation Mode

Presence simulation, even when you are away from home. LIGHTIFY switches selected lights or lighting groups on and off at random within your selected timeframe.

LIGHTIFY Wake Up Light

Wake up more refreshed with the LIGHTIFY Wake Up light. Our lamps follow the natural color gradient of a sunrise and by doing so create a natural atmosphere in which to wake up.


LIGHTIFY Good Night Light

Sleep better at night with the LIGHTIFY Good Night light. Similar to our Wake Up light, the Good Night light simulates a natural sunset.


Create individual timers for your LIGHTIFY lamps, plugs, lighting groups or scenes. Flexible timers for automatic control of LIGHTIFY products.



Switch your LIGHTIFY groups and scenes on and off directly via the widget without having to open the App. The widget can be adjusted via the App and operated via the notification centre for iOS or the Home screen for Android.

LIGHTIFY Default Setting

Recall your favorite light setting using your light switch. The default setting of warm white light can now be personalized for LIGHTIFY lamps. Choose between different light colors and 8-100% dimming.