#ColourYourEmotion <br>A worldwide public voting party!

Are you looking for information about the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv?

Lightvoting across borders with our free LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App

No matter where you are, if you have network access, you can use the LIGHTIFY@Eurovision App to vote for your favourite songs in the show. Together with the fans at the Eurovision Village and with fans from all over the world you control how with every song how the most important landmarks of Stockholm will be illuminated.

With every semi-final and of course with the final you can score from 1 to 12 points with the app. Your vote is evaluated together with the votes from all other users of the app during the song. At the end of the song we light up Stockholm in the colour of the average rating.

This is how it worked

See the LIGHTIFY@Eurovision app in action! See the Eurovision Village, Gröna Lund, Hötorget Buildings and at the Globen coloured by music fans. Everybody who downloaded the app was part of a worldwide public lightvoting party!

This is, what Eurovision fans said about the lightvoting in 2015

  • "The voting is great, we have voted every song until now."
  • "It's great, amazing, the show is great, the lightshow is fantastic."
  • "The lightshow is good, it's all good!"
  • "Awww!"

Watch the video!